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Filtros activos de variables de estado

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Re: Filtros activos de variables de estado

Notapor blas » Mié, 18 Abr 2012, 11:00

4th- and 8th-Order, Continuous-Time Active Filters
Low-Noise Continuous-Time Filters Eliminate Clock Noise and Aliasing


* Continuous-TIme Filter - No Clock, No Clock Noise
* Implement Butterworth, Chebyshev, Bessel and Other Filter Responses
* Lowpass, Bandpass Outputs
* Operate from a Single +5V Supply or Dual ±5V Supplies
* Design Software Available
* MAX274 Evaluation Kit Available
* 8th-Order-Four 2nd-Order Sections (MAX274)
* 4th-Order-Two 2nd-Order Sections (MAX275)
* Center-Frequency Range:
o 150kHz for MAX274
o 300kHz for MAX275
* Low Noise:
o -86dB THD Typical for MAX274
o -89dB THD Typical for MAX275
* Center-Frequency Accurate Over Temp:
o within ±1% for MAX274
o within ±0.9% for MAX275

* Audio/Sonar/Avionics Frequency Filtering
* DAC Output-Smoothing Filters
* Low-Distortion Anti-Aliasing Filters
* Modems
* Vibration Analysis

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Re: Filtros activos de variables de estado

Notapor blas » Mié, 18 Abr 2012, 11:05

LTC1562-2 - Very Low Noise, Low Distortion Active RC Quad Universal Filter


* Continuous Time—No Clock
* Four 2nd Order Filter Sections, 20kHz to 300kHz
Center Frequency
* Butterworth, Chebyshev, Elliptic or Equiripple
Delay Response
* Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass Responses
* 99dB Typical S/N, ±5V Supply (Q = 1)
* 93dB Typical S/N, Single 5V Supply (Q = 1)
* Rail-to-Rail Input and Output Voltages
* DC Accurate to 3mV (Typ)
* ±0.5% Typical Center Frequency Accuracy
* “Zero-Power” Shutdown Mode
* Single or Dual Supply, 5V to 10V Total
* Resistor-Programmable fO, Q, Gain


* High Resolution Systems (14 Bits to 18 Bits)
* Antialiasing/Reconstruction Filters
* Data Communications, Equalizers
* Dual or I-and-Q Channels (Two Matched 4th Order
Filters in One Package)
* Linear Phase Filtering
* Replacing LC Filter Modules

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